Dripping vs. Squonking

“Squonk” is a term invented by vapers, and it was once understood only by a few users of online forums. Today, though, practically every major e-cigarette manufacturer has a squonk mod in its product lineup – and it seems as though every vaper who currently uses a rebuildable dripping atomizer is at least considering switching to a squonk mod. If you’re wondering whether a squonk box is the right vaping device for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to give you the scoop about dripping vs. squonking and help you decide which e-liquid delivery method is right for you.

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What Is Dripping?

When you drip, you typically use a rebuildable atomizer with a wide, open mouthpiece. You build your own atomizer coils, and you keep the coils wet by squeezing e-liquid from a bottle through the opening in the mouthpiece. RDAs are popular attachments because they’re capable of producing rich, thick vapor clouds. RDAs generate more vapor than sub-ohm tanks because they provide ample space for building large coils. The vapor production of an RDA is also enhanced by wide air vents that let plenty of air through.

Although an RDA gives you a great vaping experience, it’s inconvenient in that the drip well only stores enough e-liquid for a few puffs. If dripping is your preferred way to vape, you must carry a bottle of e-liquid everywhere to keep your atomizer wet. RDAs tend to leak, so they can be quite messy. Vaping with an RDA while driving is impossible – and since you’re constantly opening and closing bottles of e-liquid, it’s inevitable that you’ll eventually make a mistake and get e-liquid all over your hands or clothes while dripping.

What Is Squonking?

While dripping feeds an atomizer with e-liquid from the top, squonking feeds it from the bottom. A squonk mod uses an RDA with a hollow center pin. Below the pin is a narrow tube leading down to a large bottle of e-liquid stored inside the mod. A squonk mod with one battery is about the same size as a typical two-battery mod because the area of the mod that would normally contain the second battery holds the squonk bottle instead.

Dripping vs. Squonking

A squonk mod typically holds about 8 ml of e-liquid inside the squonk bottle, although there are some mods that provide even more e-liquid storage than that. On the side of the mod is a cutout that allows you to squeeze the bottle. Squeezing the bottle sends e-liquid through the tube and into the atomizer’s drip well, wetting the atomizer’s wick. The term “squonk” comes from the sound that the e-liquid makes as you push it through the small tube.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks of Squonking vs. Dripping?

Benefit: No Need to Drip

If you use an RDA, you get great vapor production at the cost of convenience. You’ll blow huge vapor clouds, but you’ll have to carry an e-liquid bottle everywhere. If you use a sub-ohm tank, you’ll have the convenience of built-in e-liquid storage, but you’ll lose some of the vapor production of an RDA due to a smaller coil and less airflow. With squonking, you get the best features of RDAs and sub-ohm tanks – you’ll enjoy e-liquid storage and great vapor production with one vaping setup. You also won’t have to worry about carrying a messy bottle of e-liquid around anymore.

Drawback: Increased Size and Weight

Since squonking means storing a bottle of e-liquid inside your mod, there’s no getting around the fact that a squonk mod will be larger and heaver than another vaping device with the same number of batteries. A squonk mod with one battery will be about the same size as most two-battery mods. A squonk mod with two batteries will be as large as a standard three-battery mod. A squonk mod – particularly a two-battery squonk mod – is often difficult to carry in a pocket. It also provides less battery life than a standard vaping device of the same size. If you currently vape with an RDA, though, you’ll probably find that it’s easier to carry a squonk mod around than it is to carry your current mod and a big bottle of e-liquid.

Benefit: Less Mess

One of the biggest drawbacks of dripping is that it’s messy. RDAs leave puddles of e-liquid everywhere because the punishment for forgetting to drip is a nasty dry hit. To avoid dry hits, vapers frequently add too much e-liquid to their RDAs. A great feature of squonking is that it’s almost impossible to overfill your atomizer. When you squeeze the bottle, the atomizer’s wicks suck up the e-liquid that they need. Squeezing the bottle creates a vacuum, though, and the vacuum sucks the excess e-liquid back into the bottle. You’d have to squeeze a squonk bottle extremely aggressively to cause a leak.

Drawback: Most Tanks Don’t Support Squonking

You might primarily vape with an RDA, but you always have the option of using a tank if you want to. You might switch to a sub-ohm tank, for example, when you’re driving. Most squonk mods will work with tanks, but very few tanks have hollow center pins for squonking because the design of a typical sub-ohm tank doesn’t allow e-liquid to feed through from the bottom. If you decide to use a sub-ohm tank with a squonk mod, you’ll lose the benefit of the squonk bottle. You’ll have a mod that’s the same size as a two-battery mod – but it’ll only have half of the battery life. It really isn’t worthwhile to use a squonk box unless you’re using it with a squonk-compatible attachment.

Final Thoughts

Squonking is just about the hottest trend in vaping right now because it provides all the benefits of dripping with none of the inconvenience and mess. Although using a squonk box does mean that you’ll sacrifice the portability of your current vaping device, we believe that the benefits of squonking far outweigh the drawbacks. If you currently use an RDA, you’re going to love squonking.