eGo vs. EVOD Electronic Cigarette

They look almost the same. They cost almost the same. They’re two of the most popular e-cigarettes for beginners – and yet, when you compare eGo vs. EVOD e-cigarettes, you’ll find that they have enough differences to warrant your careful consideration if you’re thinking about buying one or the other.

Let’s learn more about the eGo and EVOD e-cigarettes. When you’re done reading, you should have a much better idea of which one is the best fit for your needs.

Comparing the eGo and EVOD Batteries

A Standard EVOD Battery Operates at a Higher Voltage

The first key difference between the eGo and EVOD e-cigarettes is that the batteries have power regulation circuitry that holds their output to different voltages. While the eGo battery operates at a constant 3.3 volts, the EVOD battery operates at 3.7 volts. In practice, you may find the voltage difference difficult to notice. With the same tank or clearomizer, though, the EVOD will run slightly hotter and will produce slightly more vapour with each puff than the eGo e-cigarette. Note, though, that this comparison only applies to eGo batteries without the “Twist” feature. Our eGo Twist batteries can adjust between 3.2 and 4.8 volts with a simple turn of a dial.

The Drawbacks of Higher-Voltage Vaping

Although buying an e-cigarette that produces bigger vapour clouds sounds fun on the surface, it’s important to remember that there are two potential drawbacks to go along with the increased vapour production. The first drawback is that not all e-cigarette tanks and clearomizers can operate reliably at higher voltages. If the wick in a tank can’t deliver e-liquid to the coil quickly enough, you may experience dry hits when vaping and will have to vape at a lower voltage. The second drawback is that vaping at a higher voltage will decrease the life of the battery. Higher-voltage vaping, in other words, will force you to charge your batteries more often.

Simplicity vs. Cost Effectiveness

Compatibility Between Devices

Kanger – the Chinese creator of the EVOD platform – developed the EVOD after the eGo e-cigarette appeared on the market. The eGo e-cigarette became an enormous hit immediately upon its release, which inspired many vaping product manufacturers to build tanks and other accessories that worked with the eGo battery. Kanger built the EVOD e-cigarette with the same attachment threading as the eGo e-cigarette, which means any tank or clearomizer that works with one device will most likely work with the other. Feel free to experiment!

eGo vs. EVOD Included Clearomizers

Although you can use many different tanks and clearomizers with your eGo or EVOD e-cigarette, you’ll spend most of your time – at least in the beginning – with the included clearomizer. Here’s what you can expect depending on the device you choose.

The eGo e-cigarette includes a disposable clearomizer. To use the clearomizer, all that you need to do is open and fill it. If you allow time for the wick to re-saturate after each puff and fill the reservoir promptly when the level of e-liquid is low, you can expect your clearomizer to last for several days. After a while, though, you’ll begin to notice that the flavour of the vapour isn’t quite the same as it was when the clearomizer was new. That’s your sign that the atomizer coil is past its prime. At that point, it’ll be time to discard the clearomizer and begin using a new one. Using a disposable clearomizer is a simple and convenient way to vape, but purchasing replacement clearomizers can become expensive over time.

The EVOD e-cigarette, on the other hand, includes a small tank system that’s a bit more challenging to use but is also more cost effective over time. When the flavour quality of the tank begins to decline, you won’t throw the entire tank away. Instead, you’ll remove the atomizer coil from the base of the tank and twist in a new coil. A pack of five EVOD tank coils costs about the same as two or three eGo clearomizers. Since a new EVOD coil costs less than a new eGo clearomizer, you’ll find that the EVOD tank is a bit less expensive to use.

We encourage you to try both the eGo clearomizer and the EVOD tank. Use the one that best suits your vaping style