Second City Vapour: Brand Blurb

As the lights begin to illuminate the streets, a chill wind quickens your pulse. You finish your coffee. The city is calling. You hit the streets, and Second City Vapour is your companion.

The people of Birmingham are made of slightly different stuff than the rest of the world. You can see it in the way that we survived the Blitz and rebuilt our city, prouder and stronger than ever. You can see it in the way that we’ve made ourselves a centre of art and science respected throughout the world. You can see it in the way that we always seem to work a little harder – and play a little harder – than anyone else.

Here’s to you, Birmingham. Second City Vapour is an e-liquid developed and manufactured right here in the UK as a tribute to one of the world’s most industrious cities. We created the Second City Vapour range because you deserve a peerless e-liquid with an array of flavours as unique as you are.


Bold Traditional Tobacco Blend

Flavour profile: Virginia tobacco, woody, nutty

European cigarettes have a certain elegance about them, but it’s American tobacco – full-bodied Virginia tobacco, to be exact – that truly rules the world. American cigarettes are the world’s most popular tobacco products, and it’s likely that the famously grassy and nutty taste of Virginia tobacco was the flavour that held sway over your consciousness when you were a smoker. Those days may be behind you, but that doesn’t mean you’ve lost your appreciation of a bold and straightforward tobacco flavour.

Highgate is our tobacco vape juice for anyone who wants a cigarette replacement e-liquid with a flavour that holds nothing back and doesn’t hesitate to make a major statement. This e-liquid has a full body, a great mouth feel and a taste that absolutely refuses to quit.

Second City Vapour is an e-liquid range created in tribute to the great people of Birmingham. You are uniquely industrious. You work hard and play harder. You’ve contributed immeasurably to art, science and technology. We’ve worked tirelessly to create an e-liquid that’s as singular as you are.

Four Oaks

Smooth and Mild Tobacco Blend

Flavour profile: European tobacco, decadent, sweet

Think back on your days as a smoker. What did you look for in a cigarette? Did you go for the straightforward flavour of the major American cigarette brands, or did you take a bit of extra time to seek out a cigarette brand with an extra touch of understated elegance? If you fell into the latter category, Four Oaks is the tobacco e-liquid for you.

Producers of Turkish tobacco know that you can’t rush a good thing. The American tobacco producers are content to cure their tobacco leaves in barns using smoke and forced hot air. The flue-curing process does create a consistent and boldly flavoured product, but American tobacco lacks the sweetness and complexity of the best Turkish tobacco. Four Oaks e-liquid captures the flavour of Turkish tobacco cured in the sun the slow way – the right way. The Turkish tobacco curing process creates a product that’s smooth and mild with a light sweetness that never gets old. That’s the experience you’ll enjoy every time you vape Four Oaks.

Second City Vapour is a Birmingham e-liquid line created just for you. If you’re from Birmingham, you were born knowing that there was something different and special about you and the people around you. Like the generations that came before, you were born to make a real contribution to the world and leave your surroundings in a better state than before. You work hard, and you play hard. You deserve a vape juice that can keep up with you.

Yardley Wood

Clean and Crisp Menthol

Flavour profile: Cold menthol, peppermint, refreshing

As any current or former smoker of menthol cigarettes will tell you, there’s something about menthol that’s uniquely addictive when you add it to tobacco. Menthol is incredibly refreshing. It also soothes the throat and strips the smoke of its harshness. You still get the punch of the nicotine, but the menthol makes it that much easier to inhale. There’s just one problem with menthol cigarettes, though: No amount of menthol can disguise the nasty flavour of cigarette smoke.

Do you know why vaping is so magical? Vaping makes it possible to use nicotine and get only the flavour that you want. Does anyone use menthol cigarettes to taste the tobacco smoke? No way – they use them for the menthol! Yardley Wood is an e-liquid with the flavour that you always wished menthol cigarettes could have. It’s a crisp, pure and cold menthol vape juice with a light touch of peppermint – and absolutely no tobacco smoke flavour. It’s an instant pick-me-up that never fails to please the palate.

Second City Vapour is an e-liquid range born of Birmingham and created for the unique people who live there. All your life, you’ve made it a point to work just a bit harder than the rest and enjoy life’s rich rewards to the fullest. You’ve done everything necessary to excel in all aspects of your life – from art to science, and from industry to service. This e-liquid is our salute to Britain’s greatest people.


Light Italian Raspberry Sorbetto

Flavour profile: Fresh raspberry puree, light cane sugar, frozen ice

You’ve worked hard, and you’ve earned your opportunity to kick back and relax. When it’s time to enjoy a moment of rest, every man and woman of Birmingham knows that there is no better opportunity to relish in a bite of something sweet. We take our work seriously. We take our entertainment seriously. You’d better believe that we take our food seriously.

Gilbertstone is an e-liquid capturing the flavour of a classic hand-churned Italian sorbetto with ice crystals so small that you think you’re eating frozen velvet. A note of fresh raspberry puree gives this e-liquid its sweet, fruity base, and a menthol finish ensures that you’ll get nothing less than the authentic frozen dessert flavour that you’re craving. With Gilbertstone, you’ll exhale plumes of vapour so delicious that you’ll swear you’re eating a real Italian ice.

People of Birmingham, you’ve searched far and wide for an e-liquid range that truly understands and captures your unique spirit. With Second City Vapour, you’ve finally found it. We believe – just as you do – that Birmingham is a truly special city with a character that is second to none. We’ve worked tirelessly to create an e-liquid range capturing that character. You work harder than the rest, and you play harder than the reset. Second City Vapour is your e-liquid. We know that because there’s a little bit of you in each of us.


May 2024


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