5 Vaping Tricks for Improving Your E-Cigarette’s Taste

5 Vaping Tricks for Improving Your E-Cigarette’s Taste

We could fill an entire article with all of the reasons why vaping is better than smoking. There’s the fact that vaping doesn’t expose you to tar. There’s also the fact that switching from smoking to vaping can save you a bundle of money. Our favorite reason for the superiority of vaping, though, is the taste. A tobacco cigarette can’t taste like a fruit smoothie or a slice of cheesecake – but an e-liquid can. Many people start vaping to get away from tobacco and save some money while doing it. They continue vaping, though, because the flavor experiences are often nothing short of incredible. Take a look 5 Vaping Tricks for Improving Your E-Cigarette’s Taste.

One notable feature of vaping is that you can change many aspects of your vaping setup – and that’s what we’re going to discuss in this article. This is our vaping guide for flavor chasers. If you want to learn how to make your e-cigarette taste better – how to squeeze every nuance out of your favorite e-liquids – read on.

Bigger Vapor Clouds Aren’t Always Better

Filling a room with huge vapor clouds can be a lot of fun. Sub-ohm vaping setups don’t just fill rooms with vapor; they also fill your lungs. The ample vapor production helps to make the sub-ohm vaping experience intensely satisfying. There’s just one problem: Sub-ohm tanks produce large clouds in part because they allow so much air to flow into the vapor path. E-liquid is full of flavor, but air doesn’t taste like anything. Inhaling too much air, though, is counterproductive to the goal of experiencing the richest possible flavor when vaping. Try closing your tank’s airflow collar slightly. You’ll notice that introducing less air causes the vapor to become warmer, so you may need to reduce your device’s wattage a bit to compensate.

Drip Tips Can Focus Flavor

The free airflow of a modern sub-ohm tank isn’t the only thing that’s counterproductive to flavor enjoyment. Wide drip tips are great for cloud production, but they also send the vapor down your throat before you have a chance to really taste it. Changing your drip tip can dramatically alter your vaping experience. Try a narrow pawn-shaped 510 drip tip. The narrow bore of a 510 drip tip forces you to inhale more slowly, keeping the vapor in your mouth longer and allowing you more of an opportunity to taste the flavor notes. The shape of a 510 drip tip also directs the vapor toward your tongue for more focused flavor.

Sweeteners Can Muddle Flavor

Some people refer to sweetened e-liquids as the fast food of the vaping industry. A sweetener might taste good, but it can also hide mediocre ingredients or cover up the mistakes of an unskilled mixer. If you taste a large amount of sweetener when you vape, you aren’t tasting the complex amalgamation of flavors that makes your e-liquid unique. If you search for the truly skilled e-liquid creators out there – the ones creating complex, nuanced blends that take you on a sensory journey – you’ll find that those people generally don’t use added sweeteners.

Experiment With VG/PG Ratios

Sweeteners aren’t the only e-liquid ingredients that have flavors of their own. If you’ve ever vaped an unflavored max-VG e-liquid, you know that vegetable glycerin has a mild, slightly sweet taste. Once you’ve tasted VG on its own, you’ll notice that flavor in every e-liquid that you try. VG doesn’t muddle the flavor of an e-liquid as dramatically as sweeteners can, but the effect is definitely noticeable. Propylene glycol has much less flavor of its own. That’s why many of the people who craft really interesting e-liquid flavors don’t make max-VG e-liquids unless they’re doing it to please people with PG sensitivities or allergies. If you aren’t convinced that reducing VG in your e-liquid is right for flavor chasing, find an e-liquid vendor that allows you to choose your VG/PG ratio. Buy the same e-liquid in a max-VG blend and in a 50/50 blend. See which one you prefer from a flavor standpoint.

Try a Lower-Nicotine E-Liquid

Have you ever tried nicotine gum? If you have, you know that nicotine has a flavor a bit like that of black pepper – and just like pepper, nicotine can alter the flavor of an e-liquid. If you’ve used nicotine for a while, chances are that you like the flavor and would miss it if it wasn’t there. If you really want to taste the blend of flavors in an e-liquid, though, you should try using an e-liquid with as little nicotine as possible.