SMOK RPM Pod Cartridge with Coils


It took a while for SMOK to enter the world of pod vaping systems. Once mainstream pod systems like the JUUL e-cigarette became too big to ignore, though, SMOK finally decided that it was time to get into the pod vaping game – and they certainly jumped in with both feet. If the idea of owning a pod system that behaves more like an advanced mod appeals to you, you won’t find a better device than the SMOK RPM40 anywhere. This is a pod system that supports true variable-wattage operation and operates at the power level of your choice from 1-40 watts. It also features a plug-and-play replaceable coil system with no less than 12 different coils available. The SMOK RPM40 will completely transform your vaping experience.
The New SMOK RPM Coil Range
When designing the RPM40, SMOK created an all-new coil range capable of delivering an amazing vaping experience regardless of what your e-liquid preferences and vaping style might be. In the SMOK RPM coil range, you’ll find a fully rebuildable coil head that allows you to build your own coils with resistance wire and cotton. That’s a first among pod systems. You’ll also find a coil with a quartz element that delivers perfectly pure flavour and is impervious to heat. Since the RPM40 operates at up to 40 watts, the designers at SMOK have also created some high-power cloud chasing coils that allow this device to shine when you operate it at the top end of its power range.
Compatible With SMOK Nord Coils
If you’re upgrading to the RPM40 from a more beginner-oriented pod system like the SMOK Nord, you’ll be glad to know that you can still get the familiar Nord vaping experience with the RPM40 if you like. The SMOK RPM40 is compatible with all SMOK Nord coils, allowing you to maintain your current mouth-to-lung nicotine salt vaping experience if you like. Supporting high-nicotine mouth-to-lung vaping and low-nicotine cloud chasing in a single inexpensive package, the SMOK RPM40 is truly a pod system designed to please absolutely anyone.

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Keep your SMOK RPM pod system running its best with this set of one SMOK RPM replacement pod and two extra coils. Having some extra SMOK RPM pods around makes it easy to change flavours at a moment’s notice, and SMOK’s simple push-pull coil replacement system couldn’t be easier.

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