What Is Throat Hit?

If you’re a smoker – or you quit smoking recently enough to remember what it was like – you know what it is to light up and have one of those “ahhhh” moments. Those are the moments when you haven’t had a smoke in a while, and the experience seems so satisfying – so complete – that quitting is the furthest thing from your mind. When you make the switch to vaping, that’s the experience you want to recreate. A great vaping experience is so satisfying that the thought of going back to cigarettes never occurs to you. Getting the perfect throat hit is the key to having that kind of vaping experience. You’re about to learn how it’s done.

What Is Throat Hit?

Throat hit is the feeling that you get in your throat – and, to a lesser extent, your lungs – when you inhale nicotine. Although throat hit is a form of irritation caused by nicotine, it’s a feeling that smokers find intensely satisfying – and if you want the switch from smoking to vaping to be successful, you need to recreate that feeling. Luckily, throat hit is something that an e-cigarette can do every bit as well as a tobacco cigarette. You can even tinker with aspects of your vaping setup to dial in exactly the throat hit that you want.

Nicotine Is the Key to Throat Hit

The most important factor that influences throat hit is the nicotine strength of the e-liquid that you use. An e-liquid with a high nicotine strength will produce a powerful throat hit like a full-flavoured tobacco cigarette. As you lower the nicotine strength of your e-liquid, the throat hit becomes milder. An e-liquid with an extremely low nicotine strength such as 3 mg will have almost no detectable throat hit at all.

Can I Have Throat Hit Without Nicotine?

Over the years, e-liquid companies have experimented with a number of different additives designed to enhance throat hit in low-nicotine or nicotine-free e-liquids. Some of those additives include capsaicin, cinnamon, lactic acid, grain alcohol and menthol. Of those, grain alcohol and menthol seem to produce the best results. A high-menthol e-liquid can produce something that feels like throat hit even at very low nicotine strengths. A few e-liquid companies have sold plain bottled grain alcohol as throat hit enhancer; just add a few drops to increase the throat hit of any e-liquid. If you want to experience throat hit while reducing or eliminating your nicotine intake, choosing the right e-liquid is key.

Experiencing Throat Hit Requires the Right Vaping Hardware

Here at Second City Vapour, we specialize in selling e-cigarette starter kits designed to appeal to new vapers. You’ll find that many of our starter kits are based around smaller vaping devices such as the eGo e-cigarette. That’s not an accident; the best way to have a satisfying experience as a new vaper is to pair a small vaping device with a high-nicotine e-liquid. A small device such as the eGo e-cigarette will have airflow that’s slightly restricted – just like a tobacco cigarette. The restrictive airflow makes it possible for you to draw the vapour into your mouth before inhaling it into your lungs. That’s how you inhale when you smoke.

When you see people vaping on the street, you’ll notice that many of them use bigger vaping devices that generate extremely large vapour clouds. Although you might use a larger device in the future, it’s not the best choice when you’re first starting out because larger devices have much freer airflow that makes mouth-to-lung inhaling impossible. People who use those devices inhale the vapour directly to their lungs – and they use e-liquid with much lower nicotine strengths. A high-vapour, low-nicotine vaping configuration will produce very little throat hit.

Why Are Large Vaping Devices So Popular if They Have Less Throat Hit?

After you’ve vaped for a while, you may find that throat hit is no longer as important to you as it once was. Although you may not want to reduce your overall nicotine intake, you may decide that you’d rather taste the flavours of your favourite e-liquids more intensely without the throat hit getting in the way. Switching to a larger vaping device allows you to use a lower e-liquid nicotine strength without reducing your actual nicotine intake. Although reducing your throat hit might not sound appealing to you right now, you may find it more appealing in a few years when you’ve been vaping for so long that you no longer think about cigarettes at all.