The eGo e-cigarette is probably the most reliable e-cigarette in the world – which makes the experience all the more infuriating when it doesn’t produce vapour. Are you experiencing a problem with your eGo e-cigarette? Perhaps nothing is happening when you press the button, or maybe your e-cigarette is making a sound, but no vapour is actually entering your mouth. One of the reasons why the eGo e-cigarette is so popular is because troubleshooting it is incredibly easy. With only a few steps, you can isolate the cause of the problem, fix or replace the component causing the problem and get back to vaping. This guide can help.

Safety Lock

The most common reason why an eGo e-cigarette might not produce vapour is because the safety lock is engaged. Your eGo e-cigarette has a locking fire button that prevents accidental use if you happen to leave the device unattended. It also prevents the device from activating while you carry it in your pocket. Press the button on your eGo e-cigarette five times quickly. If the light flashes, the safety lock was probably the cause of your problem. Unlocking the device should allow you to resume vaping.

Dead Battery

The eGo e-cigarette has excellent battery life, but the battery doesn’t last forever. If the light flashes when you press the button, the battery is dead. Charge the battery fully before you resume vaping. If the light doesn’t flash when you press the button – and nothing happens when you connect the battery to the charger – it is possible that the battery no longer holds a charge. A lithium-ion battery can last through hundreds of charge-discharge cycles, but it will eventually lose its ability to hold a charge. If you have a spare battery, you can use that to confirm that the battery you’re trying to use is faulty. Did you know that Euro Vape offers a six-month warranty on all starter kits? If your battery fails within the first six months of ownership, contact us for information about replacing it.

Dead or Faulty Clearomizer

Like the battery in your eGo e-cigarette, the clearomizer is a component that doesn’t last forever. Some clearomizers fail gradually. The flavour quality or the volume of vapour declines until you eventually have no choice but to replace the clearomizer with a new one. In other cases, though, a clearomizer can fail suddenly. If you can’t fix your e-cigarette by following the steps above, try connecting a new clearomizer to your battery. If the new clearomizer works, the clearomizer that you’re trying to use has a problem.

Poor Connection

Suppose the light on your eGo e-cigarette turns on – and doesn’t blink – when you press the fire button. The e-cigarette, however, doesn’t produce vapour. You’re tried multiple clearomizers, and none of them work. It’s possible that a poor electrical connection is the cause of your issue. If you have a new eGo e-cigarette battery that has never worked – and you’ve charged the battery fully and tested it with multiple clearomizers – it’s likely that you have a faulty battery. Did you know that we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee that gives you protection from manufacturing defects? Contact us to inquire about a replacement or refund.

If your eGo e-cigarette battery previously worked and now does not – and you’ve tried using other clearomizers – it’s possible that the terminal at the top of the battery isn’t making a good connection with your clearomizers. Use a cotton swab and a bit of rubbing alcohol to rid the terminal of tarnish, debris and other impurities. If your eGo e-cigarette still doesn’t produce vapour after you clean it, it’s likely that the battery itself is faulty. If you purchased the battery from Euro Vape less than six months ago, contact us to learn about your replacement options.

Too Little E-Liquid

In a CE5 clearomizer, wicks extend from the heating coil at the top of the clearomizer to the bottom of the e-liquid reservoir. When the level of e-liquid in the tank is low, the wicks have to fight gravity to carry e-liquid to the coil. That’s one reason why it’s so important to keep the e-liquid in your tank topped up. If e-liquid isn’t reaching the coil, your eGo e-cigarette may produce no vapour. You might even get a harsh “dry hit” when you try to puff on your e-cigarette. If your eGo e-cigarette is producing no vapour because the level of e-liquid in the tank is low, add more e-liquid and check to see if the problem still exists. Don’t forget that clearomizers perform poorly with “high VG” and “max VG” e-liquids. E-liquids containing mostly vegetable glycerine are very thick and are intended for different vaping equipment. A high VG e-liquid will not flow quickly through your clearomizer’s small wick holes and may instead clog the holes and cause dry hits. A standard e-liquid that doesn’t say “high VG or “max VG” will work in your clearomizer. Empty the clearomizer and fill it with a different e-liquid.

Clogged Air Tube

A CE5 clearomizer has a few small air intake holes at the bottom. The intake holes lead to an air tube in the centre of the clearomizer, and the air tube leads to the mouthpiece. Without air flowing through, the clearomizer can’t produce vapour. If restricted airflow is the reason why your eGo e-cigarette isn’t producing vapour, you may find that your e-cigarette produces a few wispy traces of vapour when you hold the button – but it’s far less vapour than what your e-cigarette normally generates. Begin by checking the air vents at the bottom of the clearomizer. If the vents are plugged, air can’t get through the clearomizer. If the vents are clear, empty the clearomizer and disconnect it from your e-cigarette. Place a paper towel over the bottom of the clearomizer and blow firmly through the mouthpiece to dislodge e-liquid stuck in the air tube. Reassemble your e-cigarette and attempt to vape again.


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